Our service works with most streaming devices. Android, Firestick, Windows,Mac IOS (iphone, ipad and apple TV),LG Smart TV Samsung Smart TV.

Roku devices are not recommended and we have no support for them.

This service is also free to use anywhere in the world. No I.P. lock meaning you do not have to use it only in your home.

Take it on vacation to Mexico or Europe - no problem.

We have multiple streaming plans for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months even 1 year.

Multiple devices also, all at the same time. 3 or 5 device available.

All with or without adult content.

The 1 month with 3 device package is the most popular.

Please be aware of what you are purchasing. No refunds accepted.




Here is a list of available catagories and languages we offer